RIVA GIRL Glow Essence Color Base | Diamond Purple

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RIVA GIRL Glow Essence Color Base | Diamond Purple

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Hydrated base, infusing the skin with luminosity!


Is your foundation failing you❓

❌Redness, blemishes and uneven skin tone

Dullness and large pores

❌Oily and cakey patchy foundation


💖 RIVA GIRL Glow Essence Color Base 💖

Remedy dull skin, revitalize radiant beauty.

Nourish your skin, create stay-all-day foundation.

✅ Light and natural

✅ Anti-pollution

✅ Hydrated and moisturized

✅ Nourishing

⭐ Three shiny gems 

Even out skin tone | Moisturize | Nourish the skin


💎Sparkly diamonds* - Luminous and glass skin

Brighten and even out your skin tone

*Refers to the diamond powder in the ingredients


💎Translucent amethyst* - Glowing and radiant skin

Improve dullness and moisturize your skin

*Refers to the amethyst powder in the ingredients


💎Gentle nephrite* - Soothing skincare

Deeply nourishing to remove redness and pimples

*Refers to the nephrite powder in the ingredients

 “Gems” exclusive for skin 

Hydrated and velvety | Nourishing and brightening | Glowing and radiant


👍 Lightweight

Creamy essence lotion, easy to apply.


👍 Crithmum maritimum

A gift from Atlantic Ocean, deeply nourishing.

*Refers to crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate in the ingredients

Korean Patent No.: CN200480041078


👍 Eight hyaluronic acid complex

Long-lasting foundation, moisturizing and brightening.

*Refers to sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid, acetylated sodium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate cross-linked polymer, potassium hyaluronate, hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride hyaluronate, hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate


👍 Anti-blue light protection

Stay away form blue light damage with Himanthalia Elongata extract.

Is your foundation nourishing enough

Natural moisturizer with luxurious ingredients

Nourishing | Moisturizing | Protecting


External defense, internal nourishing

Crithnum maritimum extracted from sea

Is your foundation protective enough

Soft-focus beauty with luminosity

Barrier | Brightening | Nourishing



Proprietary technology from Korean COSMAX Co. Dust Mirror Complex

*Korean Patent Number: 10-1817109

Is your foundation moisturizing enough

Moisturizing power from the inside out

Hydrated, long-lasting, nourishing

Eight hyaluronic acid complex, creating light and hydrated foundation

After using RIVA GIRL Glow Essence Color Base, skin moisture content increased from 37% to 56% ~

❣️ Tips for using ❣️

💕 Single bottle

Choose one shade according to your skin tone

💕 Mixed bottles

Choose more than one shade and apply them on different areas respectively

How to use

Step 1: apply the product after routine skincare

Step 2: apply the product with an appropriate amount and respectively stipple it on the forehead, cheeks and jaw, smearing it gently

Step 3: effortlessly even out the skin tone, creating a luminous look

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