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GONIM - Korean Balancing Skincare Aesthetic Brand.
GONIM, dedicated to discovering the secrets of creation in nature. By combining the wisdom of nature's balance with the aesthetics of skincare. Through scientific extraction and blending, we create GONIM's skin balancing aesthetics.


GONIM is consisted of "GO" and "NIM" (refers to “mister” in Korean),meaning "Mr. Go".
Curiosity and exploration are the original genes of GONIM.
Mr. GO has traveled to all continents to explore the world, with the aim of presenting the world's best formulas, extracting the essence into the refined products, and vitalizing the true beauty of skin.
Every exploration of GONIM is intended to unlock the code of natural balance.
We empower skincare aesthetics with the wisdom of creation, and share each acquisition with the world.


  • Innovation GONIM original O-style skincare pattern

gentle intervention(with essential addition)

→ activity reconstruction(with scientific ingredient)

→ botanical revitalization(with rare plants essence)

Gentle - Essential botanicals and additions, clean formulations and gentle interventions on the skin.

Scientific - Incorporate cutting-edge technology with efficacious ingredients, combined with pioneering trends in scientific skincare methods and active reconstruction.

Safe - Extracts of rare botanicals, a perfect blend of nature and skincare, building up botanical renewal.

  • Exploration

Every exploration of GONIM is intended to share with the whole world the purity and beauty of natural raw ingredients, heartily taking care of every aspect of you.

  • Nature

Mr. GO has traveled to all continents to explore the world, carefully picking high energy storage plants, Magnolia sieboldii, Magnolia praecocissima Koidz., Nymphaea caerulea Savigny, white peony ......
Extracted from different parts of the essence, combined with cutting-edge technology, only for the infusion of natural beauty to skin.

  • Eco-friendly

No additives.

GONIM upholds the product philosophy of "No Additives*, More Soothing". Dedicated to providing consumers with peace of mind by using "No Additives, More Soothing" skincare products Adheres to gentle and non-allergenic formulas to rejuvenate the skin's natural vitality.

More eco-conscious.

We strictly choose natural and pure raw materials, insist on green and sustainable introduction of environmentally friendly packaging, respect for nature and persistently promote sustainable development.


GONIM entered the Chinese market in December 2020, and quickly covered the online mainstream e-commerce channels, and currently the single-month sales has exceeded 2 million yuan.

The star product "Barrier Mask" has sold 950,000+ pieces so far, and the hot-selling model "Oasis Water Storm" was once sold out in Tmall flagship store.

In the future, GONIM will adopt a comprehensive layout, strive to become a popular emerging brand, and aim to reach the billion-sales level in the beauty and skincare industry.


  • Strategic Cooperation with Korea's third largest cosmetic manufacturer - Coreana

Established in 1988, Coreana Group has obtained over 400 patented ingredients and technical certifications1. It is the only skincare product manufacturer to have received the IR52 "Kang Young-sil" Technology Innovation Award twice, the highest innovation award given on behalf of the Korean government.

  • Advanced skincare technology

Coreana——Songpa Research Institute
Established in 1995, Songpa Research Institute is dedicated to securing cosmetic technology power through scientific extraction of natural raw materials and advanced dermatological principles. It has contributed greatly to the development of the cosmetics industry by selecting 280+ valuable plants from 20+ raw materials worldwide, and finally obtaining international patent certification for four natural ingredients.

  • Industry-leading R&D capabilities

Songpa Research Institute has its own exclusive planting base, with more than 150 kinds of plant communities oriented to study unique new raw materials1; Coreana's self-developed products have won the "Presidential Commendation" award for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019, and the quality of research and development is deeply recognized by the Korean industry.

  • Complete production system

Coreana Cosmetics Factory——Cheonan Songpa Research Center has its own plant plant plant base, and more than 150 species of plant community orientation research are unique new raw materials 1. Coreana's own research and development products have won the Presidential Commendation Award for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019.

PRODUCT FAMILY (click here and learn more about GONIM products)

Skin Barrier - Mask

Skin Defense

Skin Care Balancing

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